What is the Solar Camp?

What is the Solar Camp?

With the Solarcamp, we would like to contribute to achieving the climate protection goals. To this end, we would like to train 50 people as PV assembly assistants and EuPs (electrotechnically instructed persons) in order to advance the energy transition.

Important to us is not only the education of the participants, but also the social cohesion and fun during the camp. We want to create a non-discriminatory space in which people treat each other with solidarity and support each other. Our aim is not to train top performers, but to enable all participants to develop further. Therefore, there will also be many joint actions at the camp, where the participants can have fun together outside of the “training”. There will also be the possibility to stay overnight at the camp and there will also be catering during the week at the camp.
With the Solarcamp we would like to inspire FINTA* persons (women, intergender, non-binary, trans as well as agender persons) for professions in the energy transition. At the same time, we also want to give socially disadvantaged young people as well as school leavers a chance and encourage them to get excited about a career in the energy transition. And we also want to show people whose jobs are threatened by structural change or digitization a new perspective.

Training week

Each participant will do a two-week training to become a PV assembler.
We will spend the first week together at the camp. During the first three days we will learn the theoretical basics of photovoltaics: How does the technology work? What are the components? What do you have to pay attention to on the construction site so that you can always work safely? The rest of the week we will learn practically on the practice roofs how to install the photovoltaic systems on different roofs. In the second week there will be the possibility to do an internship in a company from the photovoltaic industry.

Time period

In order to allow as many people as possible to participate in the solar camp, there will be two groups of 25 participants each. The first group will be in the camp from 21-25.08. and in the internship from 28.08.-01.09., the second group will be in the camp from 28.08.-01.09. and in the internship from 04.09.-08.09.. On 09.09. there will be a big joint closing event.