When will the solar camp take place?

There will be two groups. For the first group the solar camp will take place from Juli 29 to August 09, for the second group from August 05 to August 16. On 13 September there will be a big closing event. You can find the schedule here.

What will I learn at the solar camp?

We cooperate with local craft businesses and initiatives that provide training. We will spend the first week together at the camp. During the first three days we will learn the theoretical basics of photovoltaics: How does the technology work? What are the components? What do you have to pay attention to on the construction site so that you can always work safely? The rest of the week we will learn practically on the practice roofs how to install the photovoltaic systems on different roofs. In the second week we will have the opportunity to do an internship in a company from the photovoltaic sector. You can find the schedule of the training week here.

Will I receive a certificate?

During the first week, before starting the practical part, an electrical instruction will be held. This instruction will be carried out by a qualified electrician and it includes an examination. The aim is to make you aware of the dangers involved in working with electrical equipment and to teach you how to protect yourself from electrical accidents. After the instruction, you are considered an electrotechnically instructed person (EUP) and are allowed to work on electrical systems under the supervision of a qualified electrician. IMPORTANT: this certificate does NOT enable you to work independently on electrical systems, but is the minimum requirement in the company environment for working in areas where electrical hazards can be assumed. In addition to the EUP certificate, you will receive a certificate of participation, which lists the contents that were taught during the camp in the first week. You can attach this to your application, for example, if you are applying for an apprenticeship or job in the industry.

Where will the solar camp take place?

The Solarcamp will take place between Nimburg and Teningen. We will inform you about the exact location in due time.

Does the solar camp cost anything?

Financial reasons should not exclude anyone from the Solarcamp. Therefore we would like to keep the costs for participants as low as possible and only take a nominal fee of 60€ per person. However, those who cannot pay this fee can also participate in the camp for free!

Who can participate in the Solarcamp?

Anyone who is at least 16 years old can participate in the Solarcamp. However, we especially want to give FLINTA* people (women, lesbian, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people), socially disadvantaged young people as well as school leavers and people whose work is threatened by structural change or digitalization the chance to participate in the Solarcamp. Feel free to apply even if this description does not directly apply to you, maybe you can still participate.

Is it possible to sleep at the camp?

Staying overnight at the camp is possible, but it is not mandatory. There is time to get to know each other, a swimming lake and cooking together is on the programme.

Will there be catering?

Food will be provided during our week together at the camp and we will cook together.

Do I have to be able to speak German?

We would also like to give people who speak little or no German the opportunity to participate in the camp. Unfortunately, we cannot offer translation for all languages. Therefore, you must be able to understand English or German in order to participate in the camp.

What are the camp rules?

You can find the camp rules here.

You still have questions? Then send us an email to: teilnahme@solarcamp-freiburg.de