1. Interaction with fellow human beings: Any form of discrimination has no place at the camp. Treat everyone with respect. If there are problems, talk to people from the awareness team or other camp members.
  2. Non-discriminatory space: The camp should be a non-discriminatory space. Therefore, it is important to us that everyone’s boundaries are respected and care is taken to use proper pronouns and generally non-discriminatory language.
  3. Drugs: The camp is intended to be a drug-free space. Please do not consume drugs (including alcohol) at camp or come to camp under the influence of drugs. Please smoke only in designated areas.
  4. Handling of Materials: Please handle all materials with care. If you are not sure how to use something correctly, please ask first. If something breaks or doesn’t work, please let us know.
  5. Punctuality: Be on time for the training sessions. If you are sick or otherwise unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.
  6. Trash: If you produce trash, please clean it up independently and directly.
  7. Clothing: Sturdy shoes and appropriate work clothes are necessary on the camp (sun protection, pants, top, etc.).
  8. Sleep: The day is long and there is a lot of program, so we all need sleep. Please behave after 10 pm in a way that all those who want to sleep or are already asleep can do so.
  9. Liability: The Solarcamp is not liable for lost or damaged items of the participating persons. Attendance at Solarcamp is at your own risk.
  10. Exclusion: Failure to comply with the above rules may result in exclusion.
  11. In addition to our camp rules, compliance with the rules of the venue also applies, of course.